A character I wank too

This is Ceph. He is pharna's OC pirate that steals shit and is in denial about his homosexuality.


Information about Ceph:

-pretty boy
-Cursed by a tentacle monster that made its home inside his, well look for yourself
-Major Daddy issues
-lesbian sister
-pirate who steals
-Can't get laid because women tell him he's gay. Hmm

-he's full-blooded demon, which is apparently frowned upoun
-He has a tail that he hides
-Mommy's boy

Update: pharna is thinking about killing poor Ceph off because he's too much trouble to deal with.

Skies of Arcadia Icons

archica  posted an entry about the game and I ended up making a few icons, which turned into more and more. Meaning, this will probably be edited lots. Old game nostalgia... (as for the pictures i used, they were found all over the web when I was young and the fandom wasn't on its last foot. so forgive me whoever originally hosted them.) 

Per usual: I don't give a fuck about editing or crediting but do so if you want. lol

1                                            2                                      3                           4

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 

                5                            6                                    7                                8

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 

             9                                10                               11                           12
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

For those who can't see them through photobucket:

I gots rapped.

Torture meme: Squall and Rinoa....

 Title: "The Affair"

Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII, after ending.

Pairing: RinoaxSquall (yes, in that order)

Word Count: 2811

Why the fuck am I doing this? It was yinake ’s request in my torture me meme: Write a Squall/Rinoa drabble. :DDDDD I do not think she was expecting this at all though. I feel SICK. But, ya know what, it was going to be terrible anyway, so I figured why not make it as terrible as humanly possible, so I did.

Warnings: Smut. Like graphic smut. Even scarier, a first time graphic smut writer.  BE SCARED.






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It probably needs some major, major grammar editing, but I’m far too tired tonight to do it. Ugh, enjoy my HOURS of suffering.

EDIT: I think I made it mostly right.



...I got high and filled my own fucking request again. MosesxJay..>.>

Title: Meaning
Fandom: Tales of whateveryonehatesLegenida
Pairing: JayxMoses. More friendship then romantic, believe that shit or not.
Words: 2,295
Summary: Hurt/comfort angsty bullshit shittery.
Mentions of past non-con. Hur hur Solon. Fucked up character portrayals. And just general what the fucking fuck. Shit writing. This was kink meme worthy, so that's what to expect.
Other: I mentioned I was high right? I just wanted you all to KNOW this so I have an excuse to point at later.


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